Dry Ice Food Processing

Dry Ice has many benefits and applications in food processing


  • Helps maintain proper temp of ingredients
  • Helps prevent bacteria growth
  • Helps preserve color, smell, taste & texture
  • Helps reduce humidity levels & avoid sogginess
  • Helps slow the oxidation process
  • Helps reduce spoilage in food processing applications
  • Helps slow yeast growth for baking applications
  • Dry Ice is EPA, FDA & USDA approved


  • Meat processing
  • Winemaking
  • Baking
  • Making ice cream
  • Meal & dessert presentation
  • Beverage carbonation
  • Clean food processing equipment (see dry ice blasting page)

Purity Cylinder Gases makes Dry Ice from high quality Food Grade Liquid CO².

What Dry Ice can do for you

Wine Making
Meat Preservation
Meat Processing
Food Presentation
Wine Making

Dry ice can help slow fermentation of grapes during the maceration stage (when juice from the grapes remains in contact with the skin and stems). It can also reduce bacteria growth. All leading to better quality wine color, taste, and smell.

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Meat Preservation

Dry Ice is much colder than water ice, making it excellent for preserving fresh meats, fish & poultry. Dry Ice sublimates from a solid frozen state directly to a gas leaving behind no moisture or residue.

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Meat Processing

Dry ice can be added during meat processing to help maintain lower temperatures, reducing bacteria growth & spoilage.

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Food Presentation

Many chefs, restaurants & bars use dry ice to enhance the drinks & foods they serve. Dry ice can be a direct food ingredient or help aid in presentation.

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