Purity Cylinder Gases, Inc. Announcement

Purity Cylinder Gases, by Presidential Policy Directive 21, is recognized as a supplier to critical infrastructure and as being an essential business, exempt from the Order of the Governor regarding closure of nonessential businesses. Purity supplies medical and industrial gases, welding equipment and supplies, and other safety and industrial equipment and supplies to businesses deemed as critical infrastructure. This includes but is not limited to energy/utility companies, transportation system manufacturing and repair, critical manufacturing, and several other industries and customers. We will remain open, however with minimal staff to continue to conduct business as needed. Please contact your local store for service.

Purity Cylinder Gases, Inc. Closer

Food & Beverage

Food grade - food safe!

Producing, packaging, or distributing food or beverages?
Gas supply for all your needs

Our gases are used throughout the food and beverage industry. Whether your needs are in producing, dispensing, flash freezing, modified atmosphere packaging, and shipping - we have you covered.

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Our services tailored for YOUR industry

Turn-Key Gas Installations

Our in-house specialists can provide turn key bulk gas installations for welding, laser cutting, and food processing applications- including complete in-plant piping

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On-Demand Delivery

Purity owns a fleet of trucks and gas tankers for any need. Whether local delivery trucks, or full tankers of liquified gas, we can always take care of your last minute needs

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Local Inventory and Dedicated Service

All of our showrooms are stocked with a large supply of welding consumables and equip, safety supplies, and industrial supplies and tools

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